There HAS to be Something Fundamentally Wrong With this Religion.

<img src="" /><em>religious cleansing, Somali style</em>

<b>Two Muslim al Shabaab</b> <em>(Wiki it)</em> <b>extremists in Somalia</b> on Monday murdered Hassan Adawe Adan, a member of a secret Christian community in Lower Shabele region, Somalia, as part of a campaign to rid the country of Christianity.

'They dragged him out of his house, and after 10 minutes they fired several shots on him,' said a source who requested anonymity. 'He died immediately.' The militants then shouted 'Allahu Akbar' before fleeing, he said.

Adan, 21, single and living with his Muslim family, was said to have converted to Christianity several months ago. Local Christians <em>(how did they find them?)</em> said they suspected someone had informed the Islamic militants of his conversion. One said that a relative who belonged to al Shabaab had told Adan’s mother that he suspected her son was a Christian.


<img src="" /><em>religious cleansing, Nigerian style</em>

<b>Meanwhile, on the other side of the continent,</b> despite the Nigerian elections being internationally praised for being open and fair, the northern losers <em>(Muslims again, would you believe it?)</em> refuse to accept the results and go on a murderous rampage.

Authorities have spoken of many killed, but have refused to provide a death toll, saying it could spark reprisals and was bound to be inaccurate, with corpses burnt beyond recognition (so, ?) and claims that bodies were thrown in wells.

One government official, explaining authorities' reluctance to release a death toll, said, 'I wouldn't like to use the term massacre… some places it was terrible.' There were reports of fresh clashes in one area of the state of Kaduna overnight, with a community leader telling a local radio station that 'the killing was unbelievable and the destruction is colossal.'

Of course ordinary Muslims in civilsed countries will say this is not representative of Islam; they would, wouldn't they? But am I being cynical to think that the reason this doesn't happen in Tower Hamlets, Dearborn or Calgary is only because they they lack the power they have in Somalia, Palestine or Saudi Arabia? That history, from the seventh century 'til now, has shown us what happens to non-Muslim societies when Islam takes over?

There really is a war going on out there. Part of it covert, as in Tower Hamlets and Dearborn, part of it overt as in Somalia and Kaduna. But it is every bit as much a war as the war against National Socialism and communism, a war against freedom and western civilisation. We won those struggles by recognising the danger, just in time. It's time to stop kidding ourselves with wishful thinking. Too many people never believe that the Koran means what it says. They are always convinced that it says what <em><b>they</em></b> mean

The barbarians are not just at the gates, they are inside them.

4 responses to “There HAS to be Something Fundamentally Wrong With this Religion.

  1. There you go again Ian McNairn moaning about the Muslims who live in Tower Hamlets. Well as an Irish immigrant you should appreciate what they have to put up with from EDL/BNP members like yourself. Are you not worried that these Muslims you disrespect will find out you live at Trinity Green, Mile End Road E.1 in charity housing?

  2. I see that the lovely Katie has put you firmly in your place and pointed out that Duckham has a superior intellect to you, but then so does a Gerbil. I hope to see you very soon when my travels take me down the Mile End Road. By the way I shall keep reporting you when you appear on My telegraph and so will Bilby and Ara. You sad old fart.

    • I don’t believe goggins is reporting me. He is a man of honour and dignity and admires my work, having assured me so many times.

      This is a fake post. When I track you down, as I will, it will be with a blow torch in one hand and a pair of pliers in the other.

      You won’t have anything left with which to rape little toddlers when I’m done with you.

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