How Many Left-Wing Critics Have Actually READ Melanie Phillips?

AUGUST 11TH, 2011 16:08 (MyT)

I ask because she provokes the most vicious bile from the left and yet she seems to make such obvious common sense. It’s puzzling to say the least.

Or is it because she’s a Jew?

She does come up with some pretty solid arguments about the historic rights of the Jews in Palestine that I haven’t heard anyone come close to refuting. Maybe that’s it. Left-liberals do tend to hate Jews I suppose.

But she makes sense in so many other ways, whether she’s writing about women’s suffrage, New Age gullibility, modern American society or the Islamisation of London, she sounds reasonable, balanced and well-informed. I wish I could write like her.

Perhaps it’s because the left regard themselves as The Anointed, that they believe (oh how they believe) they have a monopoly of wisdom and compassion and that to question their beliefs is like denying The Trinity in fifteenth century Spain.

Maybe that’s it. Their mission is religious and must not be questioned, disagreement really is heresy to be answered by anger and ridicule, heretics burned at a figurative stake, careers destroyed, reputations ruined.

It is a peculiarly leftist phenomenon, the right doesn’t behave anything like that. You don’t see right-libertarians descending to gutter-level abuse the way the left does. Just look at how the left behaved after the Utoya shootings. It was astonishing. People of the right mentioned in Brievik’s testament were singled out for the most foul abuse, to the point of accusing Geller and Spencer and Phillips of being in some grotesque way responsible for the slaughter of the maybe not-so-innocent innocents.

When we all know the responsibility for that crime rests solely on the shoulders of the left.

After all, Anders Breivik himself said so.