The Roots of Islamic Violence


Islamic terrorism stems from personality changes which occur in those who try to be sincere followers of their religion. These changes initially affect the relationship of a Muslim to his children, his wife and his neighbours. But the change becomes greater and greater until, at the end, a person becomes quite evil.

It is not hard to understand how beating your children to force them to pray, beating your wife to discipline her, and thinking that your neighbour’s house deserves to be burned because he does not go to the mosque to pray, can become consuming dimensions in a Muslim’s personality, and part of the religious duties to be followed.

And this is Muslim behaviour among Muslims. How much more dangerous can this attitude become towards unbelievers?

Islamic mothers tend to be warm and nurturing, but Islamic fathers treat their children harshly, acting cold, distant, and wrathful. Continue reading


Is Israel too Civilised for its Own Good?

During the corrective action Israel took against Hamas after Christmas 2007, the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) was absolutely scrupulous in how it sought to minimise civilian casualties. Indeed, there were several instances where it placed itself at a disadvantage by posting warnings of intended strikes when not only was the civilian population given time to flee to a safer place but it also enabled Hamas’ fighters (none of whom were in uniform after the second or third day), to move themselves and their weapons to new positions.

In one instance the IDF forfeited the opportunity to kill many senior Hamas leaders meeting in a house, because Hamas had forced dozens of civilian women and children to congregate about the house. So those Hamas military leaders survived to fight and possibly kill Israelis another day.

All this is well known to those who read more than the anti-Zionist Continue reading