Is Israel too Civilised for its Own Good?

During the corrective action Israel took against Hamas after Christmas 2007, the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) was absolutely scrupulous in how it sought to minimise civilian casualties. Indeed, there were several instances where it placed itself at a disadvantage by posting warnings of intended strikes when not only was the civilian population given time to flee to a safer place but it also enabled Hamas’ fighters (none of whom were in uniform after the second or third day), to move themselves and their weapons to new positions.

In one instance the IDF forfeited the opportunity to kill many senior Hamas leaders meeting in a house, because Hamas had forced dozens of civilian women and children to congregate about the house. So those Hamas military leaders survived to fight and possibly kill Israelis another day.

All this is well known to those who read more than the anti-Zionist propaganda found in the Guardian and Observer, and also here. I can only applaud the Israeli military for the steps it took to preserve innocent life during that operation.

Four years on we read much speculation in the press as to when and who will attempt the destruction of Iran’s nuclear capabilities. Our Foreign Secretary supports ‘a twin-track strategy of sanctions and pressure and negotiations on the other hand.’ But almost in the same breath says ‘We are not favouring the idea of anybody attacking Iran at the moment.’ (my emphasis) But just when would Hague believe the time to be favourable? Ideally that would surely have been at least twelve months ago before Iran had moved its equipment as far out of harm’s way as it has today.

Meanwhile the clock ticks on. It will be too late when the genie is out of the bottle and that moment seems dangerously close even now.

Which takes me back to where I came in. By now the Iranians are fully aware of Israel’s intentions and daily their defences grow stronger. I suggest this is no time for a repeat of the civilities of the Gaza campaign. The stakes are far too high for that. The stakes are the lives of another six million Jews again threatened by a mad dictator who has this time, unlike Hitler, declared his intention to destroy the state of Israel and all the Jews living there. Fortunately the facilities are mostly far removed from areas of civil population, not set in the middle of the most densely populated part of the world as was the case of Gaza.

Will it take until Iran tests a nuclear tipped missile with a range of 3,000 miles before Hague decides enough is enough? Because by then it will be too late.

And Obama abandoned the Czech-Polish sited anti-missile screen the moment he came to office, remember? Can anyone tell me what he received in return for that?


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