Can Israel Trust Obama?

<img src=”; /> <b></em>The tank makes a nice picture, but it is a little misleading. There won’t be a land war with Iran.</em></b>

Can Israel destroy Iranian nuclear facilities with conventional weaponry? I doubt it. They do not have the capacity to deliver the 14 tonne MOPs that require B2s or B52s. The smaller stuff won’t penetrate.

So the question is: will Obama do it for them? Can the Israelis trust Obama? I think they would be taking the first step towards national suicide if they did and they know it. Obama is no friend of Israel’s. He thinks like a Muslim.

So what should they do?

Isn’t it obvious? They either allow Iran to equip itself with the means to destroy Israel or they go nuclear.

It’s a no-brainer.



15 responses to “Can Israel Trust Obama?

  1. shucks ma’am, wasn’t nuthin’

    I’m looking forward to your blog arguing for less regulation.

    You know I agree. And why too, no doubt.

    Is there some kind of etiquette that prevents you from posting the same blog on different sites simultaneously? Never stopped Ana.

    • No, actually, it’s less a question of etiquette; more a lack of time, or knowledge.

      Although, I tend to post on the Chariot first, if I spend some time researching, and I am reluctant to post on either site if I am unsure of my subject, I will post on both. I am really rather busy, but I’m working on it.

      I just spent some time writing a poem, for the competition so the subject of banking and less regulation is nearer the top of my long list.

    • Thank you, how very kind, but I really only write doggerel these days, which is not real poetry, but quite fun.

      I think most people could do it, actually, it’s just playing with words and rhyme.

      • Maybe you should post some of your serious stuff on the site.

        I did an OU arts course last year, pour le sport,* and if it did nothing else, it (she actually) led me to appreciate a poet I’ve never before been able to get into, no matter how hard I tried. Sylvia Plath.

        * name the novel that springs to mind if you want to seriously impress me. The prize is tale of something toe-curlingly embarrassing I did for my ETA that nearly got me barred from the OU.

  2. Ah, well Sylvia Plath is much too modern; as regards literature and particularly poetry, I’m made little progress past the eighteenth century!

    The Bell Jar?

  3. Sorry, I should have excluded Sylvia from your choices; it was the Green Hat by Michael Arlen. If you have read it, you may be surprised I have. If you haven’t I have a feeling you would like it.

    Now finish your welsh rarebit and scurry off to the Amazon reviews. The tale of my brush with academia (ho! ho!) will have to wait.

    Meanwhile I shall post one of my favourites of hers on my blog.

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