Are you censoring and blocking my replies on my blog, Katie?

I have answered several of your complaints in some detail to my last blog of 11 May and they have not seen the light of day.

What’s going on?



8 responses to “Are you censoring and blocking my replies on my blog, Katie?

  1. I looked on the main site and this has not appeared. To say the least Katie is pissed off but doesn’t seem to realise that her enemies will use this as ammo (I include TUG in that category). My advice? Skip over yesterday as life is too short! I remain Ciaran Goggins (Goggzilla)

    • I’m not posting on Katie’s site if she’s censoring and blocking my comments.

      What pisses me off is she did it without telling me and I must have wasted over half an hour replying to her complaints only to find they weren’t being published.

      She’s as bad as Duckham. No sense of humour, pathologically sensitive and she carries a grudge forever.

      I’m not writing if I can’t write about anything I like.

      • I had comments get spammed whilst Haslam seems to have free rein (until she realizes that all he does is spout gay porn and race hate). Someone has to admin a site so if that is Katie it is her call – I doubt she would like e posting 24/7 on how nice Araminta is! Hope it does not end badly!

  2. Katie had one of my comments removed from my Latest MyT blog.

    I asked her what was going on and after that my account was closed.

    I don’t know whether that was her or Duckham, but things have gone pretty bad when I can’t be sure.

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