And Then I Wondered, ‘is it worth the effort?’

My.Telegraph Rapid Response Technical Section

I’ve been watching the dust devils spiral down Main Street My.Telegraph most of the day and rather depressing it’s been too. This place reminds me of those derelict years-old blogs you sometimes come across when searching for odd bits of info and think ‘Ha! just what I want!’ only to find the last comment was posted in May 2002 and you can almost hear the wind sighing through the long grass.

What’s happened to this site? Didn’t it used to be alive and thriving? Posts picking up dozens of comments before lunch, some (you never knew which, which was fun) running to several hundred, dozens of people blogging, earnest coteries of poets and snappers, discussions on books and films, political invective and learned tracts on all sorts of things, and every so often everyone would cluster round somebody suffering a loss, forgetting silly feuds to offer comfort and prayer.

What happened to all the little things that made this one of the best sites on the web? The traffic counters so we knew people were reading us even if they didn’t comment, those enormously long blogs with dozens of music favourites we queued up to post to, the pictures we could include to illustrate comments, the individual blogs preserved with their unique names that would sometime jump to life again maybe weeks after they first appeared?

I’ll no doubt get (if I’m lucky) some fatuous replies to my title, but honestly, what’s the point of crafting a serious and well-researched article when maybe only one or two people bother and you’ve no idea if it’s all been a complete waste of time or not because you’ll never know whether two or two hundred actually read it.

The total silence from management when emailed with problems or if you do get a reply they never seem to answer your question. Arbitrary deletions without reason, leaving you wondering if it was a glitch or a censor, whether to repost and risk a total ban and loss of your archive if you guessed wrong. The distinct impression I get that whoever’s running this show really doesn’t give a toss for the people that make the site go, that’s us, and actually give the impression we’re a nuisance to be tolerated and if we complain too much, cast into the outer darkness. Never knowing if you’re crossing the line and when you do, never knowing why. And those computer-generated cover-all answers on rare occasions a reply arrives. For two months now I’ve been unable to post into threads, and I’ve seen that I’m far from being the only one. So I patch up an unsatisfactory solution that doesn’t really work and carry on. And today I’ve damn near had enough and I ask myself ‘is it worth the effort?’

MyT has been an important part of my not-at-all-sad life and there were times I wondered what I would do in my spare time if I ever got banned. Now I honestly don’t care.

16:37 (i) The censors delete on request. (ii) You have humiliated me on one blog already; now you parade the sins of my youth. Like the pic?. (iii) Kate Day simply said ‘we have no plans to introduce traffic counters.’ No explanation. Just that. Despite the fact that all it needs is a WordPress free off-the shelf widget which I (a computer illiterate) added to my own blogsite. (iv) I care to the extent that I hate to see anything good trashed. Like the council allowing a georgian building to fall into disrepair. (v) I sorely miss Badger’s picture of himself as a cub; banned because he attacked the MyT ghoul. Barbarossa is currently being pre-moderated on the Grauniad site.

16:53 aqeel see (iv) above why I am disappointed. You missed out Badger.

16:58 In your dreams OMG, management, particularly KD, are simply too lazy and indifferent. The original site, pre KD, but for its cripplingly slow speed, was damn near perfect. Every ‘improvement’ since has been a downgrade leading to the state in which we find it today where most of the quality bloggers have left. It’s such a shame. And Kate Day refuses to listen (see (iii) above; that’s inexcusable.

17:07 – aqeel, Cymbers does NOT, repeat NOT report anyone. Even in the darkest days of our relationship I always gave her credit for that.

17:14 – Zagato, there isn’t a blog on the web that is perfect for everyone at any one time. It isn’t tracts that some people don’t want to read that frustrates (skip it if you don’t want to read it), it’s technical unreliability, lack of valuable features and whimsical and unquestioning censorship that drives people away. Which is what my blog’s about.

16:37 You’re being paranoid aqeel. Correlation does not imply causation. I haven’t the slightest doubt that Cymbeline does not report comments. It isn’t in her nature.

20:55 Just got back and astonished to see 61 comments as I type (though it was boosted by some inane and exclusive infighting, but then, what can you do about it?)

The biggest obstacle to this site ever regaining its previous character is, I really am sad to say, Kate Day. She has no pride whatsoever in the site, and she IS responsible for it. She is plain lazy, no respect for tradition and obviously has other interests elsewhere.


6 responses to “And Then I Wondered, ‘is it worth the effort?’

  1. Ian it’s only fair that I should tell you away from my wordpress site and the My T site, that while I find your support for my expulsion rather touching I do not need it. Considering how many times I had your accounts or comments removed and made no secret of it.
    I can only assume that you have finally lost your marbles you bigoted rabid racist old soak, or are you are so strapped as regards real friends you require me to massage you massive ego.

    Your remarks to Kate Day are preposterous and smack of you being a dirty old man. Your remarks to Cymbeline are equally disgusting at times. Let me tell you in words that even a daft moth eaten socially challenged lunkhead like you will understand, Cymbeline is my bitch. Now back off.

  2. Hi badger thanks for the kind words you again left on my site, they really mean so much to both myself and Pauline.I have to say that I find it really hard on reflection to imagine just how much we used to argue and fight, over the really silly and dumb-arse racialist things you would write on My telegraph in the old days.
    I am now proud to consider you a true friend Ian and can also fully appreciate why you feel so scared to go out after dark.
    Take care my old friend and remember to lock those doors and windows at especially at night.

  3. Brendan now refuses to speak to me since he found out it was me that wrote that Sean of the dead blog and then posted it was TUG in a half witted attempt to get him banned. Sadly for you,you believed it and made a rea twat of yourself and got banned. My account was also banned because the bogus account was from the same IP address as my Shanghai one.
    Do you know where TUG now lives? Where does that honky get all his money from Jah?

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