Don’t talk about the immigrants!

Whitechapel Market

Immigration is a subject on which straight talking is not only taboo, it is censored. At the heart of it is the belief we ‘need’ immigrants to do work that indigenous British refuse to do. Refuse to do? They are so lucky in this socialist state that they are given a choice.

But leaving that aside, at current wages for low end jobs and current benefit levels, can one be surprised that the British prefer welfare to work? The fact that immigrants, and particularly illegals, will take those low paid jobs is the reason why wages will not rise enough to attract British workers.

It is elementary supply and demand. Yet still we hear that we ‘need’ immigrants to do jobs our own workers used to do for generations before mass immigration became our way of life.

Bombings in London, Madrid, the 9/11 attacks in New York and heightened tension and loss of personal liberties are all part of the price being paid today for importing human time bombs from the Arab and Muslim world. This is in part the result of the unwillingness to filter people according to their countries of origin.

That squeamishness is shown in the refusal to profile airline passengers from Middle Eastern countries. Most such passengers are doubtless harmless and respectable and wouldn’t need airport security at all.

It is also true that most of the time no one gets hurt playing Russian Roulette.

But that is what Europeans and Americans have been playing with their loose immigration policies for decades. The intelligentsia tell us profiling would be wrong, even racist, in order to set limits on immigration from particular countries or to take special security measures.

But it is a fact that three thousand people and the WTC would still be with us today if America had banned immigration from Saudi Arabia or Britain hadn’t admitted from Pakistan the parents of the 7/7.

So in the rhetoric of the left, all differences between peoples suddenly become ‘stereotypes’ and ‘perceptions,’ all the while ignoring hard data showing, for instance, that people who enter the UK from some countries are ten time more likely to go on benefits that people from some other countries.

We are told over and again by our political elites and opinion formers that most immigrants from whatever group are good people. No! What ‘most’ immigrants are is not the issue. It is irrelevant.

If 85% of people from group A are fine, and 95% of people from group B are equally fine, that means we are importing three times as many undesirables when we allow in group A.

In the present PC climate it is impossible to mention facts that go against the picture of immigrants painted by the Toynbees of our world. They intimidate people into silence.

For instance, Russia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Albania are always listed amongst the most corrupt countries in the world, and that immigrants from those countries establish patterns of crime is well known to law enforcement, but hidden from the public by the mainstream media. In America, Russian organised crime is supplanting the Italian Mafia in some areas. In Britain we have organised sexual crime perpetrated by Muslim criminals.

Self-preservation is the first law of nature.

Today in the Western democracies it has been superseded by a need to maintain prevailing politically correct rhetoric and visions. The result being that immigration can no longer be debated rationally.


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