Quelle Suprise! (sic) or (sick)?

<img src=”http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/blogs/tvdecoder/posts/0608/lara-logan.jpg&#8221; /> <b><em>White, beautiful and South African. With a name like Logan there’s a bucket full of racism in <u>HER</u> pedigree.</em></b>

<b>Reading a blogger’s earlier distasteful belittling</b> of the traumatic experience suffered by CBS News’ chief foreign correspondent in Cairo last February prompted me to wonder what it is that makes lefties such unpleasant people.

Whether it is the po-faced humourless indignation shown by the shadow front bench at their pet lesbian being addressed as ‘dear’ or quibbling over whether the sexually assaulted Lara Logan (labeled a ‘liar’ – why? did she make it up?) is entitled to be considered a rape victim, the sneering put-down is always to hand.

There is a streak of the inhuman about the left that seems to regard common empathy as somehow subversive and needs to be stamped on. Unless, of course, the subject is one of their own (Anyone here remember that<!–more–> glorious moment when Oliver Reed on After Dark leered over Kate Millett with the immortal line ‘give us a kiss, big tits’? Was that really 20 years ago? The sisterhood called <em>that</em> rape.).

The answer is complicated but I’m guessing much of it has to do with socialism being fundamentally against the grain of human nature. Aspects of that nature that cannot easily be controlled. Humour, music, religion and art are all highly suspect, viewed with acute suspicion. For that reason, Lenin saw music as a threat, a distraction, the left is pretty well exclusively atheist, National Socialist art was an assault on humanity and can you name a single genuinely funny stand-up lefty?

So, to return to the white, beautiful, sexually desirable (a hint of the uncontrollable there, eh?) <em>SOUTH AFRICAN</em> Miss Logan and the Tahrir Square incident, <em><b>she</b></em> was only groped but, by God, Assange <em><b>raped</b></em> those women not because they didn’t want it, <em><b>but because he didn’t use a condom!</em></b> No consistency there I’m afraid.

I suspect the Quell Suprise francophonic illiterate wouldn’t be quite so dismissive if some Muslim thought his little grandaughter deserved a grope. I think he might even want to kill the son of the Prophet, and, for once, I’d be on his side.


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