Sex and Drugs and the East

Teheran 2010

Teheran 2010

I quoted Dinesh D’Souza in a previous blog (Islam Regards the West as Decadent: 1st March 2012) as saying just that. There is certainly decadence in the West, but hardly enough to judge the entire culture decadent.

But does he believe Muslim societies are free of immodest sexual behaviour and drug and alcohol abuse? Let us examine some sobering statistics.

a) the highest number of drug addicts in the world are not to be found in New York City, but in Pakistan (1)
b) Iran has 130,000 new drug addicts every year. (2)
c) A report published in the Guardian in 2010 said that approximately one million people in Pakistan have a drinking problem. (3)
d) Child prostitution is rife throughout Asia, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh; 95% of the teenage prostitutes in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Lahore were sexually abused by close relatives, friends and teachers before they entered the trade. (4)
e) Practically every city in Pakistan, from Peshawar to Quetta, has child prostitution, and the abuse of children generally is rising. (5)
f) Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi uncovered a remarkable advertisement that documents the Iranian regime’s approval of a brothel at Imam Reza’s shrine in the holy city of Mashad. It refers the the institutionalised prostitution called muta, or ‘temporary marriage,’ in Shia Islam, whereby a man marries a woman for a specific length of time in return for money.(6)

I explained to Pigswill in the thread to the March 1 blog that the excesses of popular culture are the price we pay for our freedom. They may sometimes make us cringe and render defence of our own culture difficult but the freedom and openness of Western societies means these ills are exposed publicly, while the worst aspects of Islamic societies are closely hidden from the outside world. Notions of shame and honour impose secrecy on these happenings, prevent the public display of one’s own shortcomings.
It is women, along with non-muslim minorities, who suffer most in Islamic societies. The constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran explicitly reduces women to second class citizens. A segregated healthcare system means many women receive inadequate attention because there are not enough well-trained female doctors and nurses. And we are all aware that a raped woman is likely to be executed or stoned to death for the crime of fornication.

Since 1979 when the mullahs took power, tens of thousands of Iranian women have been executed for opposing the regime’s policies. Many of those women were pregnant. Even more have been imprisoned and tortured, usually by being continually raped; some have body parts removed.

Understandably the rate of mental illness is very high among Iranian women. In Ilam, a western province, about 70% of suicides are reported to be women, most of them between 17 and 35 years old. Iran has the world’s third highest suicide rate. (7)

In Pakistan the media reported that from 2000 to 2004 more than 17,000 cases of child abuse , along with murder, rape, honour killings, and police torture of women and children. (8)

We in the West need no lectures on moral from Muslims, who routinely abuse and exploit women and children in so many ways.


(1) ‘Drug Addiction Blights Pakistan’ Al Jazeera English News, 12 January, 2010.
(2) Reuters, 15 November, 2009.
(3) Declan Walsh, ‘Alcoholism blooms in “dry” Pakistan’ Guardian 27 December 2010.
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Warsaw 1942

Warsaw 1942


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  1. Did I ever tell you Badger that I once pretended to fly to Iran to visit my then gay pen friend. How I love imaginary travel and it is so cheap and easy! Bit like me I suppose?

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