The Other Face of McCarthyism?

The Other Face of McCarthyism?

Is the reaction by the left to right-wingers named in Anders Breivik’s political testament a resurgence of McCarthyism?

I ask because I came across a site where an author and journalist, Melanie Phillips, was protesting about how the left had attacked her writings as having somehow fed the hate that led to the atrocity.

She mentioned others who she said had been similarly treated. Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller were two that I’ve heard of. Personal friends who run a couple of sites in America warning of the danger of Islamists and sometimes mention Europe and the UK.

Looking through Ms Phillips’ blogs on her site I noticed she wrote about the danger of sharia being recognised by British authorities and has written a book called ‘Londonistan.’ But at first glance there doesn’t seem any anti-Muslim articles, though I haven’t had chance to read everything.

Are we in Europe over-reacting to the fact that the criminal just happens to be a right winger? I thought the political right was in favour of a small state, low taxes and personal responsibility. Why would anyone be against that?

The left, on the other hand (correct me if I am wrong), believe in a large state responsible for the welfare of its people who are taxed to this end.

So take your choice. I know what sounds right for me, but that doesn’t mean to say others can’t disagree. So why the furore? Why do the left think the writings of people who have never advocated violence have been in any way responsible for what happened in Norway?


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